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You can reduce your inventory and save on storage space costs.
Using TwinBins
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You can get your production line organised to know exactly where parts are.
Using TwinBins
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You can speed up production by having essential parts to hand.
Using TwinBins
FIND OUT HOW HEREKanban TwinBin Cart Multipurpose
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You can have real-time information for just-in-time stock management.
Using TwinBins
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You can monitor your inventory from anywhere and analyse your workflow.
Using TwinBins

The TwinBin System will save you time, money and effort while controlling your inventory.

The simplicity of the TwinBin system means that is working for you as soon as it is installed. It is intuitive to operate costs little to maintain throughout it’s long life because it’s been built to last. 

The TwinBin is a two-bin Kanban system that works by storing reserve stock above active stock. Once the active stock has been depleted you simply pull the slider to release the reserve batch leaving the upper chamber ready for new stock.

It can be operated manually or have sensors to automatically send information to your stores manager. The TwinBins come in a variety of sizes to deal with a multitude of parts from basic rivet dispensers to large reels.

Single TwinBin with BinFlag, Locking Bar and Coloured Ticket

Advantages of the TwinBin System:

  • Reduces stock outs
  • Reduces stock held
  • Reduces Costs
  • First-In, First-Out (FIFO) stock rotation
  • Provides traceability of parts

This short animation demonstrates how the TwinBin System helps you keep control of your stock. 39sec
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Our Range of Stock Control Solutions

Automated Stock Control Systems

Automated Stock Control Systems

Racking Systems

Racking Systems

Manual Stock Indicators

Manual Stock Indicators

What We Do

We can save you time, money and effort with your inventory management. Our unique Kanban storage and dispensing solutions use a First-In, First-Out (FIFO) system to monitor your stock levels and alert you when they are running low.

Our system tells you when to refill items BEFORE you run out meaning you can refill stocks Just-In-Time. They also allow you to monitor how fast a part is needing replenishing. We design, manufacture and install a variety of unique and innovative storage and dispensing solutions.

Home of the Queen’s Award winning products (see article below), the TwinBin and TripFlag Kanban dispensers, the BinFlag stock indicator and various kitting solutions.

All our products are shipped worldwide to all industries from Aerospace and Rail, through to Medical and Hospital Ward storage. Please read our case studies to find out more →

Our Awards

Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

Hurst Green Plastics are proud winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The award, which is held for 5 years, is the highest award a company can receive in the UK.

BAE Systems Samlesbury was the first location for the Hurst Green Plastics’ unique inventory management control system. Hurst Green Plastics Managing Director, Stephen Clarke, worked closely with engineers, and invented the unique TwinBin fastener storage dispenser.


The North of England Award Won for Innovation

The North of England Excellence Awards are given to organisations that achieve or maintain excellent performance from across industry, commerce, education, public utilities, local government and the voluntary sector.

We are absolutely delighted that our TwinBin products have been judged to be award winners for innovation for improving manufacturing productivity.

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New TwinBin cart system can manage all your parts! Designed closely with material management teams from all-over-the-world, Hurst Green Plastics have developed a new bin management system to make the management of all your components simple and easy. From small parts which can fit in the TwinBin to very large, fragile or high-volume in the […]

Factories of the future! TwinBin Live IoT!

The worlds first Internet of Things (IOT) TwinBin system: TwinBin Live! Now, all TwinBins can be connected to cloud platforms providing realtime stock updates from the TwinBins without having to manually scan.  Using Bluetooth and NFC technology, companies are now able to gain insights to stock requirements on the factory floor 24 hours a day, [...]

Save space with the Mini-TwinBin!

All the benefits of the award-winning TwinBin system in half the size! Just 15cm tall, the Mini-TwinBin allows the first in, first out management of much smaller inventory or slow moving items allowing users to save valuable space on the TwinBin racks. They can also be used on workbenches, walls or any cabinet. They have […]